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Advanced Electronic Seals

Besides qualified signatures, Subsign offers advanced electronic seals. These can be used for document evidentiary purposes or as a seal for electronic archival purposes.

Timestamp Protocol ETSI EN 319422
Valid for CH & EU Jurisdictions
Green tick for Adobe

The electronic signature for all industries Qualified and therefore legally valid


The qualified e-signature replaces the handwritten signature and enables electronic documents for lawyers, notaries and bailiffs in accordance with Swiss legislation under ZertES.


Whether balance sheets, annual financial statements, client agreements or release declarations: Have your clients sign contracts and agreements electronically - quickly, easily and legally secure.

Real Estate

With Subsign, contracts and processes of all kinds that require qualified signatures can be signed easily and in a legally compliant manner. Contracts can be signed electronically and in a legally binding manner within minutes, both in the Swiss and in the European legal area.



Questions about Subsign electronic signatures Everything about esignatures

Is the electronic signature valid in Switzerland and the EU?

With Subsign you can sign legally valid in Switzerland and the EU, as we support ZertES and eIDAS.

How can you recognise a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

With Subsign, this is displayed in the visual representation of the signature.

You can easily check a signed document with the Validator of the Swiss Federal Administration or upload the document to the European Commission website and check whether it is a qualified electronic signature.

With Subsign, you can sign your documents 100% ZerES, eIDAS and GDPR-compliant with the highest security standards.

Why should I sign documents with a qualified electronic signature QES?

The QES is of the highest probative value in legal proceedings. It is necessary if a document is legally binding or involves considerable liability risks.